Mainstreaming climate change into policy frameworks: Agriculture, health and urban sectors

Publication date: 
1 October 2014
Dr M. Amis, Prof. P. Mapfumo and Ms M. Joshua
Africege, University of Zimbabwe, University of Malawi

Key findings of the review: The need to support and enhance capacity of most vulnerable through urban adaptation activities; Very few adaptation activities are focused on urban areas- in most countries reviewed except SA; Lack of empirical evidence to inform policy due to inadequate capacity and data availability. 

Recommendations in terms of research: Detailed vulnerability assessments of all urban areas; Rigorous downscaled modeling of climate data for localised assessments;  Research on political economy and policy processes to improve uptake of unbiased and credible evidence; Detailed assessments of rural-urban linkages and impact of climate change.

Recommendations in terms of policy: Need for appropriate institutional framework to form a strong basis for mainstreaming adaptation into urban planning; Develop food security programmes that enhance adaptation of urban poor; Incorporate social safety nets to enhance adaptation- develop policies to protect valuable agricultural land in peri-urban areas.