2014 FANRPAN High Level Food and Nutrition Security Policy Dialogue for Africa

Policies for Climate Smart Agriculture family farming in Africa 

Program Overview

Antananarivo, Madagascar, 29 September-02 October 2014


Monday 29 September 


Tuesday 30 September 

Madagascar DAY

Wednesday 01 October 

Rising to the Challenge and Deepening the Engagement


Thursday 2nd October 

Reflections and closing ceremony

08h30 -16h30











Arrival of Delegates

















Depart Ibis Hotel to Ministry of Agriculture

08h30 - 9h00

Flag raising ceremony at the Ministry of Agriculture


08h30 -10h00

Facilitator: Ms Hlami Ngwenya

Thread Ambassador:  Mr Talentus Mthunzi

Plenary Key note address:

  • Positioning FANRPAN in the Climate Smart Agriculture global discourse by Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda (FANRPAN)
       Documentary - FANRPAN Climate Smart Agriculture best practices Documentary (Video)
  •   Enabling Institutional and Policy frameworks- AU-NEPAD-iNGO Alliance for scaling up Climate Smart Agriculture by AU-NEPAD
  •  Post-harvest losses and implication on Family Farming: Fisheries  Systems by Mr John Linton (NRI)/Dr Sloans Chimatiro
  •  Messages from Partners

08h30 -10h00

Creating Solutions and Recommendations and Closing Ceremony

Facilitator: Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda

  •     Presentation of emerging messages and recommendations by a nominated thread ambassador and/or reading of resolutions
  •  High level Policy dialogue with Policy makers
  •  Closing Remarks 



10H00 – 10H30


10h00 – 11h00




Field Visit



Parallel sessions

11h00 – 12h00 

Reflection and lessons learned

Facilitator: Ms Hlami Ngwenya

Thread Ambassador: Dr Nkulumo Zinyengere

  • Profiling FANRPAN Climate Smart Agriculture champions and advocates (Panel Discussions)

            -       Theatre for Policy advocacy

            -       Climate Smart Agriculture winter school champions

            -     Climate Smart Agriculture consultants

            -     Policy briefs and Climate Smart Agriculture Communication trainees

End of Session – 12h00


Climate smart agriculture: A global imperative

Post- harvest loss management and implications for Policies

Evidence on Changing Climatic Scenarios and State of Vulnerabilities: Policy Implications for Agricultural and Ecosystems

Facilitator: Prof Paul Mapfumo

Thread Ambassador: Prof Emmanuel Manzungu

  • Evidence of the changing climatic scenarios in African Agro -ecologies  by Dr Oliver Crespo (University of Cape Town) 
  • Vulnerabilities of African family farm to impact of climate change by Mr Tendayi Kureya (Development Data) 
  • Mainstreaming Climate Smart Agriculture into Policy frameworks: Policy scoping studies synthesis by Dr Mairon Bastos Lima (ESG)/Prof Nnyaladzi  Batisani (BITRI )

Management of Climatic Risks to Crop Production and Post-Harvest Management Policy  Scoping Studies

Facilitator: Dr Brighton Mvumi

Thread Ambassador: Mr Kanono Thabane

  • An overview of the FANRPAN Post-harvest loss management (PHLM) projects by Dr Bellah Mpofu (FANRPAN)
  • An overview and key progress of the PHM-SSA by Ms Gloria Gummah
  • Comprehensive review and valuation of the PHLM Policies context, food security and agriculture value chain and other relevant regional initiatives in Benin, Malawi, Mozambique, and Madagascar by Prof John Derera (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
  • Analysis the policy environment and existing institutional arrangements for managing climatic risk to crop production and post-harvest by Prof Absalom Manyatsi (University of Swaziland






Arrival of Delegates



Departure from IBIS HOTEL






Opportunities for ‘Multiple-benefits’ and Gender Sensitive  Approaches to Sustainable Agricultural Farming and Ecosystems

Facilitator: Ms Hlami Ngwenya

Thread Ambassador:  Dr Leocadia Zhou

Climate Smart Agriculture

§Climate Smart Agriculture put to Practice by Farming Families by Mr Misael Kokwe (FAO- Zambia) 

§Gender in the CSA discourse by Ms Leisa Perch (RIO+ Centre/UNDP)

§Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture, Health and Urban Sectors by Dr Mao Amis (AFRICEGE)




PHLM parallel working group 

  •  Working group (WG) 1 – Post harvest management 
  •  Working group (WG) 2- Managing climatic risk to crop production and Post-harvest handling


Lessons from Madagascar

Thread Ambassador: Dr Nirivololona RAHOLIJAO

  • Welcome Address: Agriculture and Food Security / The Node 
  • Highlights on Comprehensive review and valuation of post-harvest loss management policies in Madagascar by  Dr Voahangy Arijaona 
  • Highlights on Climate Smart Agriculture Policy  scoping study in Madagascar by Ms RATOVO Olitina/  Dr AKOTONDRASOA Lovanirina Olivia(University of Antananarivo)

16h00- 17h00

Plenary presentations

  • WG 1 presentation – Post harvest management 
  • WG 2 presentation- Managing climatic risk to crop production and Post-harvest handling


FANRPAN Annual General meeting

18h30- 19h30 









AWARD Ceremony

Program Director: Principal Secretary of Agriculture and Food Security, Madagascar

Thread Ambassador: Dr Nirivololona RAHOLIJAO

  • Remarks by Mr Argent Chuula (FANRPAN Board Chair) 
  • Official Opening & Welcome by Hon Minister of Agriculture and Food Security 
  • Citations by Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda (FANRPAN CEO & Head of Mission) 
  • Presentation of Awards by Mr Argent Chuula (FANRPAN Board Chair)

Response by the AWARDEE 

Cultural Evening & Dinner

18h30- 19h30 


AfricaInteract Study Reports Launch 

Launch of the AfricaInteract study Reports  titled: Review of Research and Policies for Climate Change Adaptation in the (i) Agriculture, (ii) Urban, and (iii) Health Sectors in   Southern Africa”  

Launch of the CSA Community of Practice